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ATMC’s 2020 Annual Meeting of Members

Due to ongoing public health concerns related to COVID-19, ATMC’s 63rd Annual Meeting of Members will not have in-person attendance and will instead be held virtually. The Annual Meeting of Members will still take place on Friday, October 2nd, 2020, at 7 p.m. and will be streamed and broadcast live through the ATMC website and on ATMC-TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you not having it in person?

A great deal of planning and preparation goes into the Annual Meeting, and much of that has timelines that must be met months before the meeting date. At the time plans for the meeting were being made, North Carolina was limited to only 25 people at mass gatherings. Today, mass gatherings in North Carolina are still set at a maximum of 50 people. As a result, the Annual Meeting can not be made open to the public for in-person attendance. Please tune in online at, or if you have ATMC Cable you can watch it on ATMC-TV channel 3 (910 in HD).

How can I watch the meeting?

The ATMC Annual Meeting of Members will be live streamed at 7 p.m. on October 2nd via our company website, The meeting will also be broadcast live to our local cable channel, ATMC TV Channel 3 or in HD on Channel 910.

How do I register for the meeting?

Registration for this year’s meeting will be done online or through mail. Casting a ballot in the election will constitute as successful member registration. Members with email addresses on file at ATMC will receive their annual meeting notice via email along with instructions on how to register using a unique code. Incoming emails will appear from the address: ATMC Election Coordinator or Please ensure that this email address is whitelisted to continue to receive information and instructions about the voting process. Members for whom we do not have an email address on file will receive their notice by mail and will simply fill out the registration form and return it in the postage-paid envelope that is included.

Click here to see what the envelope looks like that will have your registration materials.
Click here to see a sample ballot.

When does registration and voting begin/end?

Registration and voting will begin when notices are sent out on September 10th. Voting will end on September 30th.

Who is eligible for registration and voting?

According to ATMC bylaws, only active ATMC members can vote and there can only be one vote per membership.

ATMC is a membership cooperative and the annual meeting is held to comply with the bylaws of the cooperative. In the past we invited our customers who live outside the cooperative area to the meeting as a show of customer appreciation. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have limited the scope of the meeting to include cooperative members only to fulfill our bylaw obligations. ATMC hopes to have a community appreciation event later this year and all ATMC customers will be invited to attend.

How do I submit my vote?

Members will receive a set of unique login credentials for access to their online ballot. On the opening day of the election these credentials will be emailed to each member for whom we have an email address on record for bill notification. All other members will receive their paper ballot and registration materials by mail and their unique credential will be printed on their paper ballots. Paper ballots and registration materials will be mailed on September 10th. Members may only vote one time per membership.

Each paper ballot will have a unique ID number printed on it that is tied to your specific membership. This number is created by the company overseeing the election and it prevents a member from submitting multiple votes for the same membership. Only original paper ballots will be accepted. Photo copies or scanned copies will not be accepted.

Members who receive a paper ballot may choose to vote online in lieu of returning a paper ballot. Once an online ballot is submitted, you will not be able to login again to change a vote or resubmit. If you attempt to login after a vote has been submitted, you will get an error message alerting you that your ballot has already been submitted. If a member votes online and then submits a paper ballot, the paper ballot will be the vote that counts and the vote made online will be removed. If a member first returns a paper ballot and then submits a vote online, the paper ballot will be the only vote counted. Voting will end on September 30th.

Click here to see a sample ballot.

How do I know my online vote is secure and validated?

This year’s voting process will be managed by Survey & Ballot Systems, a third-party vendor who specializes in elections for cooperatives. Survey & Ballot Systems will collect and validate all votes that are filled out correctly and turned in on time.

What if I need help while I’m casting my vote?

For technical support (available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), please call 866-909-3549 or email For any other questions, please call ATMC Customer Care at 910-754-4311.

When will the results of the election be announced?

All results will be announced during the meeting on October 2nd.

If I’m interested in running for a Board of Directors seat when are petitions due?

Because of the online registration and voting format this year, some of the timelines have changed. Potential candidates wishing to run for an ATMC Board of Directors seat will need to submit their petitions, to ATMC’s Shallotte location, by close of business on August 21st. For additional information on running for the ATMC Board of Directors please see our bylaws or call 910-755-1603.

Will I receive a gift by registering for the meeting?

Members who register will be eligible for a one-time bill credit of $10.

Will there be prizes given away during the meeting?

All members who register will be entered into the drawing for cash prizes announced during the meeting.

If my name is announced during the prize drawing, how do I claim my prize?

ATMC will announce winners during the meeting and on our Facebook page on the Monday following the meeting. Winners will be able to pick up their prize at ATMC’s Shallotte office beginning Tuesday, October 6th, during our normal business hours. Winners will have 30 days to claim their prize.

Will ATMC distribute Capital Credit refunds this year?

As a membership cooperative, ATMC refunds to its members portions of revenues not used for expenses in a given year. These refunds are called Capital Credits. In July, ATMC’s Board of Directors approved a refund of $1,500,000 to current and former cooperative members who had qualifying services in 1998 and/or 2019. Members with a disbursement of more than $50 will receive a check, members who receive a disbursement of $50 or less will see the disbursement applied in the form of a credit on this billing statement. Thank you for your patronage and support of ATMC.

All Capital Credit checks will be mailed out by the first week in September. Only members who had qualifying services in 1998 and/or 2019 will receive a Capital Credit refund. Members due a disbursement of less than $50 will see the refund applied as a credit on their September billing statement, members with a disbursement of $50 or more will receive a check in the mail. If you meet the eligibility requirements and have not received your refund by October 1st, please call 910-755-1609.

The registration and voting process will be handled through a third-party vendor, Survey Ballots & Systems (SBS).


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