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ATMC Working to Prevent Nuisance Calls

Shallotte, NC – ATMC announced this week that the cooperative has implemented changes to help customers avoid
nuisance calls on their ATMC telephone lines. Effective now, ATMC customers with caller ID will see additional
information on incoming calls that can help them determine whether to answer a call or ignore it. 
In order to help reduce nuisance calls, each incoming call will be prescreened for authenticity. Calls that are verifiable
will display the calling party’s name and number and should be safe to answer. Calls that are from verifiable phone
numbers but are likely part of a robocall list will display the word “ROBO” beside the name of the calling party. This
could include automated calls from pharmacies, schools and churches. For calls where the calling party can’t be
identified, the caller ID will display the word “SPAM.” Finally, for calls where it is most likely the number is being ‘spoofed’ or faked, the caller ID will display “FRAUDULENT CALL.” In this instance these calls should be avoided. 
“We understand that nuisance calls are annoying,” commented Keith Holden, ATMC CEO.  “These changes will help
customers alleviate some of the inconveniences experienced by these calls. We are also working on an additional step to
be available later this year which will automatically block calls that can’t be verified.”
For more information regarding nuisance calls, please contact ATMC at 910-754-4317.

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